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OPT7 H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Conversion Kit 60w CREE 6000K White Light Bulb

OPT7 H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Conversion Kit 60w CREE 6000K White Light Bulb
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Item Information:

  • Surface Finish: Anodized Aluminum
  • Brand: OPT7 Lighting
  • Size: H11 (H8, H9)
  • Bulb Brand: FluxBeam LED
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hrs
  • Warranty Length: 24 Month / 2 Year Warranty with Lifetime Support
  • Includes: 2 Bulbs, Light-Up Manual
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LED:H11-HL-6-A-Z1
  • UPC: Does not apply

Arc Glass™ Technology

Exclusive glass technology built around a CREE MK-R LED provides the only LED headlight with a perfectly clear beam. No dark spots, uneven beams, or wavy light

Krystal Klear™ 6000K White Light
@ 7,000Lms
with "Instant-ON"

Zero "warm-up" time with brilliant pure white lighting

Module Heat Protection™ (MHP)

Heat Kills. Without proper cooling, most bulbs only last a quarter of their expected life
That's why OPT7 implemented a complete MHP system to ensure a full 50,000 hr life

Powerful 7,000 RPM TurboCool fan cools with
twice as much force as generic LED

Cold-Pressed Aluminum Heat Sink
Stays 30% cooler than standard

Syncs with ASIC chip driver to optimize for
heat protection and consistent light

Works Even Underwater

Made to last as long as the LED itself

Weatherproof material and design

Ensures consistent color and brightness

Red Line Cool Control Driver

Syncs with LED ASIC chip to monitor fan speed for optimal heat protection and performance

As Easy As Changing a Light Bulb

FluxBeam LED connects directly into your factory housing and
plugs without any issues with your on-board CanBUS CPU

FluxBeam LED Board
LED Exclusive Arc Glass™ Technology

Kit Includes: 2 Bulbs, 2 drivers, 1 manual
Driver: RedLine Heat Control Driver

Color: 6000K Cool White
Fan: Dual 7,000 RPM TurboCool fan

CanBUS Ready: Yes

Lumens per bulb: 3,538lm
Plug-n-Play: Yes

Wattage per bulb: 30w
Certifications: IP67 Waterproof, RoHS

Voltage: 8-32v
Warranty: 2 Years with Lifetime Support

Projector Ready: Yes
Dimensions: (From bulb holder to base)

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