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OPT7 35w HID Kit Xenon 9007 HB5 Hi-Lo 6000K Bright BLUE Beam Conversion Light

OPT7 35w HID Kit Xenon 9007 HB5 Hi-Lo 6000K Bright BLUE Beam Conversion Light
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Item Information:

  • Brand: OPT7 Lighting
  • Bulb Brand: Z-Arc Xenon Headlight/Fog Bulb
  • Lifetime: 4,500 Hrs
  • Warranty Length: 24 Months / 2 Years
  • Manufacturer Part Number: E-3XM6-97H-6-A
  • MPN: E-3XM6-97H-6-A
  • UPC: Does Not Apply

"At the Intersection of Illumination and Inspiration"


Xenon Bulbs

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Finally, see everything the road has to offer


The exact color
you need

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Fitment Guaranteed

Sized to a 1:1,000,000 standard of perfection, OPT7 Z-Arc HID bulbs
meet the Oshram-OEM grade for fitment and include the
correct wiring needed to directly connect to your vehicle

Color Perfected
A perfect blend of xenon gas, calibrated by our own Unicolor xenon computer
to ensure your vehicle is seen in the best light

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Upgrade Yourself
Better lighting is just a plug 'n' play away thanks to the OEM-sized Quicksnap™ system

Replace Bulb Snap bulbs to ballast Snap ballast to OEM plug

And we'll do Our Part...

"Installation was a breeze. Literally plug and play."
- Nicole B

"Best HID kit I have ever
purchased for the money!"
- Jeffrey S.

"My buddy paid $239 for another brand a year ago and I can't tell a difference" - Derek A.

The BLITZ Series


Bulb Size: 

Xenon Color:

Lumen Output: 

Lifetime: 4,500 Hrs

Voltage: 9-16v

Op Temp:  -40° F - 220°F

ReStrike Protection:  Yes

Casing:  Aluminum/Polycarbonate

Radio Interference Protection:  Yes

Water Resistance:  IP67 Rated (Up 9 Meters)

Kit Includes: 

Ballast Dimensions: 

"At the Intersection of Illumination and Inspiration"
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