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Highway Interstate Sign Stickers

Highway Interstate Sign Stickers
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Location: Clearwater, Florida

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: 12416
  • Brand: AutoDealerSupplies

Highway Signs are a great way to advertise a feature, promotion, sale or year model.

These non fade Red, White and Blue adhesive windshield signs are cut in the shape of a highway sign.

Waterproof vinyl with a removable adhesive that leaves no gummy residue.

8 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" tall, neatly shrink wrapped in packs of 12.

Each sign has a chipboard backer to prevent curling during storage and is slit on the back for easy application.

The item being sold is 1 package containing 12 stickers.

There are 12 model years and 20 messages to choose from. Make your selection above.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these are shipped from the factory via UPS (which has a minimum box charge)

                              the shipping charges become a better value if these are ordered 4 or more at a time.




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