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Automotive Key Tags

Automotive Key Tags
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The automotive key tag of choice has to be the original self-laminating car key tags from Versa Key Tags. Some companies sell imitation Versa Key Tags which do not work as well. In fact, we sell the original versa key tags for less than some companies sell the imitation Versa Tags.

The unique design allows each key tag to quickly & easily fold into a completely sealed plastic covered tag. You can write on these with a marker, pen or pencil.

These key tags are self laminating You simply fold the key tag to laminate it after you have filled in the make, model, etc.  Because these are laminated they wont smudge or tear. They are available in 9 colors so you can  color-code your inventory by new and used, car or truck, month purchased and more.  

Quantity: 250 per box.

Size: 3" x 3" (The folded Size is 1 1/4" x 3")

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